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Clean Air Corner

  • Hi! My name is Donna. I chase clean air. Let's go! Out of Los Angeles and into the world, chasing clean air, beauty and a sustainable life!

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  • "My compliments on a superb and extremely helpful web site. To the best of my knowledge it's only one of its kind that provides so much detailed information in one place for the clean-air conscious traveler..."

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  • "Your site is outstanding and very informative! I live here in LA and have been hoping to one day find an area with cleaner air..."

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  • "Wow you’re fun to read! I was just forwarding your website to a friend and so had occasion once again to get wrapped up in your world. You are an inspiration..." Read more!

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  • Explore the world's cleanest air destinations and useful travel gear. I love adventures in clean air. Over 1,300 original articles to search. If you're new, start here.
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